Medical center

IMESC is a company that not only creates and supplies innovative products for medical diagnosis, but also uses the best achievements of modern medical equipment in its own diagnostic and treatment center "Kind Heart".

Medical services

  • consultation of a cardiologist
  • Holter monitoring – 1-7 days
  • Daily ambulatory blood pressure monitoring
  • Resting ECG

More information is available on the diagnostic and treatment center site “Kind Heart”.
Kind Heart

We provide clinics and private doctors with remote analysis services for long (holter) ECG.

The service includes free rental equipment. You will be able to perform the highest-quality Holter monitoring for your patients, right in situ without buying equipment, without initial investment and without the involvement of qualified specialists.

Diagnostic and treatment center “Kind Heart”

Volhohradska street, 9a,
Kyiv, 03110, Ukraine

+380 44 290 45 11

+380 63 208 08 48

+380 50 070 15 40

+380 67 557 06 67