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Our company not only develops custom-made software but also creates and implements our own original IT-products.

Here you can learn about our company’s own state-of-the-art products which have been created and improved by the best specialists of IMESC. As a result of this work we have managed to develop products which embodies all experience of our expert developers, designers and programmers who keep on improving and supporting these software up to now. We are proud of our products going with the times and being a synergy of modern design and cutting-edge technologies.

ECGpro Holter

ECGpro Holter is a highly efficient multi-channel Holter analyzer which constitutes a part of the complex ECGpro project. It provides all what is necessary to ensure accurate and quick automatic analysis for 1 to 12 leads of ECG during up to 5 days and obtaining printable monitoring report.


IMTA is an easy to use comprehensive solution for ordering automation and data processing streamlining in the office. This software can be easily integrated into an accounting system and orders are formed by means of a regular pocket PC. All available channels of communication can be used to transfer data including synchronization cable, a built-in GSM/CDMA unit of a pocket PC, a mobile phone, WI-FI, or any other means of Internet connection.