our deeds inspire

More than 50 projects of various size and complexity have been successfully implemented by IMESC company. You are welcome to get acquainted with some of them to have better idea about our activities.

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  • Perch 3.2 Perch 3.2

    The software for carrying out a research in mass-media perception.

  • WinCE Flash Tool 1.0 WinCE Flash Tool 1.0

    Software that is a modification of the Service Test Tool 6.0 software and designed for the servicing of the new GymnaUniphy devices generation with the WinCE-based controller.

  • iTS Software 4.2.1 iTS Software 4.2.1

    Software designed for the creation and editing of the personalized training programs for the Fitvibe vibration plates, reading and loading of the intellectual training cards data.

  • Cryoflow 9.0 Cryoflow 9.0

    Embedded software designed for Cryoflow aerocryotherapeutic devices. Version 9.0: rebranding and improvement of the software functionality reliability.